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In both our article training schemes and in our accountant recruitment, when we take on new employees we do so with the expectation that the relationship we develop today will lead to a lasting affiliation in the future.

In essence, we’re looking for partners - individuals endowed with the passion, the ambition and the drive to establish credible careers in tax planning, auditing, financial advice and problem solving.

Many partners joined the firm as eager students seeking article training in a supportive yet challenging environment, and today they still hold strong to their decision in choosing Tasky Associates in preference to other top accountancy firms in India.

Natural Career Progression

We may be a medium sized accountancy firm, but our reputation for offering our article trainees and employees the opportunity to become practice partners within 10 years, means with us your aspirations can be attained, and this can be done in an intimate learning environment.

Beyond statutory audits, tax accounting and general accountancy solutions, by choosing to work at Tasky you can experience the highs of being able to work in a variety of business areas:

Accounting and Audit

Business Advisory and Assurance

Direct Taxation

Indirect Taxation

International Taxation

India Entry



Looking for a challenge, a career change or the means to increase your accountant training? At Tasky we can provide you with that next stepping stone.

Whilst we may only be a medium sized practice, the intimacy of our staff partnerships means you can experience the satisfaction of having access to a tailored system designed to suit your progression.We understand though that making the decision to change jobs is no simple task.

You need to feel confident that your next job fits in with your career aspirations whilst providing you with the support, the training and the motivation to keep you striving towards your goals.

Why not take the time to get to know us a little better and see why joining Tasky, could be the right choice for you.


Article Training

Ambitious, Hard-Working and Driven? These are all qualities held by a Tasky trainee. We want to help you achieve your career aspirations. More importantly, we want to free you from the excessive burdens that can accompany some article training schemes and offer you the means to successfully pass your exams first time.

Our article training scheme is designed with the specific purpose of giving you the best of both worlds; fast access to credible learning opportunities and the consideration to allow you to focus on what's important - your studies, whilst at the same time offering hands on client experience.


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